Desires and matters of the heart can be simple, complex, exciting, or relaxing, or all of the above. I understand that every woman is unique and may have a special request. The Sensual Experiences described here are merely a template to create the best Sensual Service Experience provided for you. If you want something special, merely ask.

The “Simple Desires” Experience:

Sensual Encounters are widely varied because each woman’s tastes are unique. However, most encounters start at a reasonable rate and increase depending on your desired encounter. If your heart’s desire is simple and is comparable to cocktails and dancing, or a romantic dinner, or picnic in your favorite park, this experience is right for you.

The “Heart’s Desire” Experience:

Includes the Simple Pleasures Experience of your choice and options for Special Enhancements to your experience. Special Enhancements include a limitless variety of Desires for the woman who is seeking a Special fulfillment. A perfect example would be if you would like to be presented with flowers and bathed, or given a sensual massage in the comfort of an intimate location of your choice. I encourage you to request your Heart’s Desire if you have a specific vision for your own night of enhanced pleasure.

The “Princess Desires” Experience:

The Princess Desires Experience is the encounter that spares no expense and is especially designed for the woman who needs to indulge her wildest fantasies. The Princess Desires Experience is opulent and romantic and is limited to only the boundaries of your imagination.

If you are a woman who wants to feel carefree, pampered, romanced, and know the deepest fulfillment of her desires, The Platinum Princess is the only choice that is right for you. It is the Sensual Experience that paves the way for weekend getaways, romantic adventures, and memories of international destinations that will last a lifetime. Indulge your desires, indulge your passions, and indulge your dreams with the perfect companion…

*Expenses associated with all of our Sensual Experiences are paid by the Client requesting the services and the requested arrangements.

 Currently available for the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Special Arrangements may be accommodated for worldwide encounters.

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