freedomFreedom is the power to act, speak, or think what one wants without hindrance or restraint. For far too long, our society has imposed on the freedom of women to live, act, speak, think, dress, or behave without regard to how it might affect women or affect society. It is my belief that the impact would be the most beautiful evolution in our society since the women ruled dynasties of Ancient Africa. Since 200 BCE, the planet earth has been a patriarchal society ruled unchecked by white European men.

Unfortunately over the course of the last 2,000yrs, our society has grown out of balance in favor of the power of masculine energy and ego, and the result is the ruling class being drunk with power and overwhelmed with greed and is now bent on oppressing every demographic. Especially women. The reason women are oppressed in a male dominated patriarchal society is because divine feminine energy demands balance, te primary threat to 2,000 years of rule.

To liberate Women is to liberate the earth. To nurture and protect Women is to nurture and protect the earth. To protect the freedom and inner beauty of Women is to protect the freedom and beauty of the entire world and there is nothing more powerful than a world in balance.  I believe the world will soon see a day when women are free to live however they want and to be whatever they want. In this new age, the Age of Aquarius, it is all of our responsibility to make sure women have the power to embrace and truly live in freedom. What are the desires of women? What are their needs? What do women fear? What do they enjoy? It is time that acknowledge the beauty, power, love, and contributions of the Women of our world and treat them as our equals. Ask yourself, “What do I desire? What makes me feel free?”

Share your ideas with me.


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