intrigueWomen ask me all the time,”How do I find a guy like you?”  My answer is simple. You don’t. Women create an ideal guy in their mind’s eye for what they want in a guy and then date guys that are nothing like what the ideal states that she should be dating. So what is it? What is it that you are really looking for? What do you want? What do you want the most? Ladies, do you want a stable guy? Do you want a want a rebel? Do you want want an intellect? Do yo u want a simple down to earth guy? Do you want a nerd? Do you want a musician? Do you want them all? First thing’s first: choose what kind of guy you want but make sure he has the secret ingredient. This ingredient is only second in importance to Love… this ingredient is key to intimacy, dating, and can be the precursor to True Love. The ingredient is Intrigue. Whatever man you choose to desire, whatever man you choose to give the best of yourself should intrigue you. It would behoove you to think about him, wonder what he’s up to, wonder what makes him tick, and of course, wonder if he’s thinking about you.  If you can find a guy that is intrigued with you and you with him, then you will always desire each others’ presence in your lives. Intrigue. That is the secret ingredient.


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