intimacyIntimacy, desire, love, romance, sex… it’s all tied together in a beautiful knot. Beautiful because of how amazingly special and pleasurable it can all be and a knot because it sure can be a difficult tangle. As the oldest brother of several energetic siblings and cousins, I am really good at untying knots.

Intimacy is the closeness and warmth of a personal relationship or interaction between people that have deep or unusual knowledge of each other. This intimacy can be friendly, familial, or even sexual but it can be hard to find and even more difficult to manage. Why? I believe it’s because people are afraid of vulnerability. Vulnerability though, is the prerequisite  for true intimacy in relationships and in companionship. It is with care that we choose our companions, we find out their interests, their likes, and dislikes, and we bear our own and even bear our soles to gain the intimacy of another.

Gents, don’t be afraid to bear your true self to a woman. Of course you want to know if she’s trustworthy but if she earns your trust then let her have it. Ladies, if you are considering seeking a companion, be unafraid of intimacy. Don’t be afraid to have someone in your life that you can be vulnerable with and is also vulnerable and honest with you. It will enrich your life and the people you care about.


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