loverscuddlingCompanionship is one of life’s most pleasurable joys. Women, especially, have an expanded capacity to enjoy companionship due to their natural ability to emphatically perceive the emotions and feelings of others. Modern men are becoming more attuned to this ability and thankfully there are many  who already possess a talent for empathy and communication. I feel a part of being a companion is the connection to a person that genuinely cares about your well being and your state of mind. I believe, it is a beautiful thing to be able to eloquently express oneself to another who is genuinely interested in knowing a person for who they really are and how they really are. I have been lucky to spend part of my life in the companionship of dear friends and lovers, and also in solitude. Both have given me a special appreciation for both solitude and companionship and given me an increased capacity to be sensitive to the desires of others as well as my own.

In observing the evolution of modern society, I’ve seen women’s roles constantly change and shift and my dating services are a product of our changing world. Women are just as busy and come under intense amounts of stress and pressure and often find themselves without the time to enjoy companionship. Everyone needs a release. Time to relax, recharge, and enjoy the moments in life that really make life worth living. Don’t let your self work so hard you miss these opportunities. take the time to play, to laugh, smile, cry, dance, and cuddle (yes, cuddling is important!). Ladies, you can now enjoy the lifestyle that has been enjoyed by men for centuries. This is a guilt-free pleasure. It’s fun and it’s empowering. Have questions? I’m a discreet transparent gentleman and I can help you refresh your energy and your life force. Contact me with questions about your desires and what I can do for you.


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