imageTime. Such a fleeting concept. One minute you have it. The next minute you don’t. Truth is, we make time for the things that matter. We make time for family, for friends, and for work, but do we make time for yourselves? Making time for ourselves is such an important thing that its hard to imagine our failure to do so but we do. This must change. Make time for yourself. It’s worth it. Make time to eat your favorite food, to indulge your whims and fantasies. Make time to travel: to explore this amazing planet that you live on. See its beaches, and mountains, forests, fields, canyons, oceans, and people. The trip to Egypt you’ve always wanted. Go! And while you’re there, in the hotel getting ready for a late breakfast, make time to love yourself. Admire your own beauty in the mirror, find your perfecting and imperfections and accept them as a part of you. This is how you become flawless. Make time to date, make time to kiss, make time to make love. Make time.



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