We are all admirers of beauty and the many forms it comes in. Most people are familiar with seeing beauty in nature, art, people… they all can manifest grace, comeliness, or the allure that draws the attention of everyone who experiences it. However, true beauty can also be experienced through the other senses and through emotion. Hearing a beautiful song, a poem, a story; tasting some beautifully concocted dish or extravagant recipe from a passionate chef, or simply feeling beauty from within. I think feeling beautiful is a powerful thing. Once a being recognizes their own beauty, they can become a more fully expressed being and even enjoy the beauty of others more intensely. What do you think? Whatever your answer may be, the next time you are alone naked in front of a mirror. admire yourself for 20 minutes or so and then close your eyes, look within, discover and enjoy your own inner beauty.


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