2014-12-21 09.55.42The craving, the desire for someone. I enjoy infatuation. The anticipation, the kissing, the touching, the laughter, and my favorite, noticing all the little things about her that make her special. We must know how to stay infatuated, how to remain in that place we’re you are curious about your lover. I think women need it because it makes them feel special. Men, need it because it boosts our confidence and keeps are ego at the proper levels. It keeps us all in that swag that makes us attractive to our lover. So be infatuated. Allow yourself to be enthralled in that craving for that special someone in your life. Let him or her know you want to fuck them. Let him know you want him inside of you. Guys, cuddle with your lover. Ladies, don’t be afraid to be his queen and his whore. We love that shit and men adore women who are comfortable being every aspect of themselves. Carry on. Love hard. Love long.


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