Upscale Gentleman

TuxI live and work in Washington DC as a musician, singer, and songwriter and I spend a vast amount of time engaging my creative passions. In addition to creating music, I write several blogs about music, technology, sensuality, travel, spirtuality, and other topics that interest me. My career and interests have taken me to over 50 countries and have allowed me to experience it all with a ferocious appetite for life.

Many people ask me how did I become an “Upscale Companion” and it a curious story because it actually happened by accident. A beautiful lady I’ve known for several years would often ask me to accompany her to charity benefits and galas. One evening over drinks she playfully commented that she had such a great time she felt like she should pay me for it. I began doing some research and discovered many professional women don’t always have time to date. Still a beautiful established lady sometimes feels as if they’d like a companion to escort them to dinner or dancing, maybe an activity she’s wanted to do for months, or even perhaps go on a trip to an exotic destination with someone who they can feel comfortable and open with. The true beauty of it all is being a Sensual Service Provider has enabled me to be passionate about being passionate.

Being me is being able to be a companion to some incredible women. It’s very satisfying to know that I am able to enhance and share in the lives of such amazing, intelligent, and beautiful women. It is my pleasure to offer a lady a chance to be spontaneous, sexy, and warm, and have the Sensual Experiences she truly longs for. Whether you live in the District of Columbia or abroad or simply traveling for work, if you ever need a companion who will truly appreciate the beauty of You, give me a call and let’s talk about what your desires are.

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