I had a discussion with a friend today about my passion for life. She noticed that no matter where I am, what I’m doing, or who I’m spending time with, I almost always seem completely enamored in that moment. The question she asked me was,”How do you do it?” qmarkring

My reply was simple, “I’m curious.” Curiosity is a key element to enlightenment. It is a key element of life itself. People learn, live, and think because of curiosity. It is this inquisitive thinking, interest, concern, a complex thirst for knowledge or a simple why that drives us. I learned this at a very young age and just accepted it. Along the way I learned that the journey to the answer is just as fulfilling as reaching the answer. This translates into my activities, my lifestyle, and my relationships. There is always a fresh excitement in my interactions with women I date, my clients, and even my colleagues because I am genuinely interested in people. The next time you want to have a meaningful experience with someone, let your self be curious. Look at them, ask about their appearance, about their feelings on something you’re thinking about, find out if they like things that are similar or different to you and then find out more. Find out if they made that weird necklace or if they picked it up at eastern market from some up and coming artist. Ask what their favorite drink is and the recipe. Try it on for size, hell, try them on for size. you never know. that hot girl you always pass in your grocery store just might fit. The guy you’ve been pining over just might love your guacamole recipe. You won;t know until you get curious about life.


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